Kapro 875 Green PROLASER® Vector - Five Line & One Plumb Dot Laser Level

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Kapro 875 GREEN

The Kapro 875 GREEN  is perfect for applications that require a very precise tuning. Its fine adjustment control and gradated scale make all the difference. The Kapro 875 GREEN features a horizontal beam, 4 vertical beams + plumb dots for full room layout coverage. That's 6 laser beams for maximum accuracy a whole room over. The Kapro 875 GREEN is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be uses a standard mini USB cable and can also work on 4 AA batteries. The pulse mode allows for outdoor use with a detector. (Kapro 894-04 sold separately)


Its green lasers are 8X more visible than traditional red ones.


*Case, tripod, and other accessories sold separately.

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  • IP54 ➤ Water and dust resistant
  • “OUT OF LEVEL” ➤ Visual and audible warning
  • MANUAL MODE ➤ For tilted and angular work
  • PRECISE ➤ 0.0002″/” Accuracy; Self-leveling ± 2.5°
  • ADJUSTABLE ➤ Fine tune adjustment knob for precise leveling
  • RANGE ➤ Indoor: 100'; Outdoor with detector: 200'
  • 6 BEAMS ➤ 1 Horizontal, 4 vertical, 1 plumb dot, 90° intersection on the ceiling
  • RECHARGABLE ➤Battery with a mini USB connection; Also runs on 4AA batteries
  • WARRANTY ➤ 3 Year limited laser warranty with receipt – Frame or water damage void warranty

What does the lifetime vial accuracy warranty cover?

The lifetime vial accuracy warranty covers the part of your vial, not the whole level.

Please note that only solid acrylic vials are covered under the lifetime warranty. Cylindrical vials are covered for 1 year - frame damage voids the warranty.

Should your vial fail due to factory defect, Kapro will either replace the level or offer MSRP value in the form of a coupon to use here on ShopKapro, depending on availability - discontinued items are not eligible for exact replacement.

The warranty does not cover damage to the level from misuse, abuse, or accidental damage.

Should the vial fail due to frame damage, warranty is voided.

If my frame is damaged, will it be covered under warranty?

No, the lifetime vial accuracy warranty only covers the part of the vial for factory defects.

Frame or milled surface damage from misuse, abuse, or accidental drops and falls void the warranty on the vial.

Are cylindrical vials covered under the lifetime vial accuracy warranty?

No, cylindrical vials are only covered under a 1 year limited warranty - Frame damage voids warranty.

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