• What is your warranty policy?

    All professional vials are warrantied for accuracy for life. This means that we guarantee this part will not need recalibration. Should the vial itself happen to fail and no misuse, abuse, or accidental harm has occurred, we will cover the cost of the part - Up to 50% off the cost of a new level.

    *Frame damage voids the warranty.

    Lasers are warrantied for 3 years.

    Digital products are warrantied for 2 years.

    *Items claimed under warranty are not eligible for warranty themselves.

    To be sure if your item qualifies, check its listing on ShopKapro.Com. We explicitly state its warranty status on its item description page.

  • What is and isn't covered under warranty?

    Kapro lifetime warranty covers solid acrylic vials only. Cylindrical vials are covered for 1 year.

    Lifetime vial warranty means that the vial, not the entire level, will be covered should it fail due to factory defect.

    Levels with bent frames, or damaged and dirty milled surfaces are voided from warranty.

    Damaged levels due to misuse, abuse, or accidental damage are not covered under warranty.

  • Can I claim warranty on discontinued items, such as the Hercules?

    Yes! However, as we do not carry a comparable level at the same caliber or price of the original Hercules. We instead offer credit equivalent to the MSRP at the time of its circulation here on ShopKapro.

    Please contact us via Live Chat or email us at KTI@Kapro.Com along with contact information, photos of the tool, and purchase history.

    *Please note that tools claimed under warranty are not eligible for warranty themselves.

  • How can I claim warranty?

    The level will need to be tested to see if the frame or the vial is the cause of the inaccuracy, which will determine if it qualifies for warranty.

    You have two testing options:

    1.) Send it to Kapro for testing. You will be responsible for shipping charges regardless of outcome.

    2.) Save money and test it at home using our guide. Photos and/or videos are required to begin the warranty claim process.

    Email us at KTI@Kapro.com for the testing guide or to submit your photos/videos.

  • How can I keep my level in good shape?

    1.) Treat your level with care to prevent accidental drops, falls, or damage from items being stored or laid on top of your level. Even the best level will fail if its frame bends.

    2.) Store your level vertically by its hang hole to extend the life of your vial.

    3.) Wash your level with water immediately if it comes into contact with solvents or chemicals. Levels, especially those specifically for masonry, suffer inaccuracy problems when substances such as wet concrete harden onto the milled surface.

  • What is the average shipping time?

    As of 10/1/2021: The United States Postal Service has announced a reclassification of products and an extended time frame for shipping. At this time, we ship all orders within 2 business days. USPS quotes 3-5 business days to deliver. Please allow 7 business days in total.

  • I lost my manual. Can I get a new one?

    If you have lost yours, visit Kapro.Com for a digital copy.

    That being said, not all Kapro products come with users manuals. If you purchased one such item, check out its item page here on ShopKapro.Com, and our Youtube channel for helpful videos.

  • Why should I buy Kapro?

    Great question. You need to be aware of all of your options before purchasing a new tool.

    Kapro's professional vials are held to rigid standards set forth by the global authority of hand tool fitness, VPA Germany. Kapro vials are one of the only brands in the world market to attain this prestigious certification.

    This is why we can confidently offer you a LIFETIME* accuracy warranty on your vials.

    There is also the fact that in the world of levels, Kapro holds 100 patents and counting for new and innovative designs that have changed the game. This includes cutting-edge features such as Plumb-Site View vials, OPTIVISION high contrast vials, Swivel vials, and more.

    Make sure to Live Chat with us if you need more information.

    *Please note that frame damage voids the vial warranty.

  • I'm not sure which product is right for me.

    Not a problem.

    If you see several items you might be interested, ShopKapro.Com offers a handy comparison function on each product page.

    Alternatively, you can speak to a sales specialist in real time with our Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner during business hours. (No bots or computers here. We promise!)