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Which has the better visibility?

by Danielle J. on March 25, 2022

This is a common question we get here at Kapro. Let’s take a look at some of the specs and benefits of each, and what kind of performance you might expect out of each vial type.


What is a Magnified Vial?

Magnified vials are just as they claim to be: Magnified. These vials are 8X larger than a traditional block vial, and feature an exposed curve, unlike block vials.

Pros and Cons of Magnified Vials

With a larger vial comes a larger bubble. Not eight times larger, mind you, but more than enough to make a visible difference. All professional Kapro vials, regardless of vial style, reach an impressive accuracy of <0.0005”/”, much too precise for the human eye to really take full advantage of. By having a larger bubble, however, the eye has an additional area of vision to more accurately note a change in position of the bubble.

Put simply, magnified vials can help you read the vial eight times more precisely than you would have otherwise.


Due to the exposed, curved structure of magnified vials, they do not have the same parallax issue the traditional block do. Without a ridge line to obscure your view, you have a clear line of sight on the bubble at all angles.


Bonus: Owners of Kapro magnified vials annually report fewer instances of small chips or scratches after dropping their levels than owners of block vials. This is due to the magnified vial’s curved shape as opposed to the ridge line of block vials.



What are Optivision  Vials?

Optivision™ is Kapro’s line of patented high contrast vials. This technology is based on the science behind color theory, and how the human eye tracks objects. By using two highly contrasting shades of color, red and white, vial visibility increases 8 fold.

Pros and Cons of Optivision Vials

When you take a look at the photo of the Optivision vial above, do you remember what you looked at first? Whether you realized it or not, you tracked the white background of the vial first. This is due to the fact that the human eye is always drawn to the brightest color in its line of sight.


The second thing you noticed was the bold outline of the bubble, tinted red due to the liquid in the vial absorbing the color surrounding it. This principle is exactly why Optivision works so well. It forces your eye to focus in on the bubble, thereby increasing visibility.


Another benefit of an Optivision vial is its heightened readability in both dark and light settings. Contrasting colors have the added effect of reducing glare. This might be the vial for you if you often run into low-light or brightly lit job sites.


Magnified Vials Vs. Optivision Vials

Simply put, it boils down to why they are more visible than traditional vials. The magnified vial is clear and unobstructed at all angles, while the Optivision vial makes it easy to hone in on the bubble.

Either way you go, you are guaranteed a superior vial that is warrantied for vial accuracy for life.



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