Kapro Rewards Club

What do I get from the Kapro Rewards Club?

Kapro's Rewards Club is designed to help you earn savings for future purchases. We want to give back to our loyal customers by rewarding you for your purchases and engagement with us on social media.

How Can I earn points?

- Sign Up for Kapro's Rewards Club
- Enter your Birthday
- Like & Share us on FaceBook
- Follow us on Instagram
- Place orders on ShopKapro.Com
- Refer friends, family, & followers & Earn Gifts for Everyone
- Leave a product review

- Tag us in photos and videos on social media

When you spend with us, you get 5 Kapro Points for every $1 spent.


How can I refer people?

You can give your referral link to anyone, however you choose. Simply add them to your social media with a quick message for people to use your referral link. Once they claim their reward and make their first purchase, you'll be notified.


How do I sign up?

Click on the red present icon in the lower right hand corner to get started.

If you run into any trouble, you can live chat with us or email us after hours.


Rules & Regulations

- Kapro Points cannot be used with other discounts.

- You cannot earn Kapro points from tax or shipping fees.

- Your points never expire. That's right. Spend them whenever and however you wish.

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