Shop Kapro Rewards Club

How Can I earn points?

- Sign Up for Kapro's Rewards Club
- Enter your Birthday
- Like & Share us on FaceBook
- Follow us on Instagram
- Place orders on ShopKapro.Com
- Refer friends, family, & followers


When you spend with us, you get 5 Kapro Points for every $1 spent.


How can I refer people?

You can give your referral link to anyone, however you choose. Simply add them to your social media with a quick message for people to use your referral link. Once they claim their reward and make their first purchase, you'll be notified.


Rules & Regulations

- Kapro Points cannot be used with other discounts.

- You cannot earn Kapro points from tax or shipping fees.

- Your points never expire. That's right. Spend them whenever and however you wish.

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